LISY is based on Raspberry Jessie and a modified 'Pinmame for UNIX'

See below a link to the latest packed Image from my Dropbox. File size is 1,5 GByte and appr. 4 GByte once unpacked.

The program does detect if it is running on LISY1 or LISY80.


-> Link to latest Version <-


The Image is in '.img' format. Under Windows you can write it to the SD-Card with the tool 'Win32DiskImager'.

Mounted under Windows you will be able to read/write the Linux Boot-Partition. This is important to modify internal LISY configuration

( e.g. Dip-Switches) but also to store the needed 'PinMame-ROMs' under 'boot/lisy80/roms' bzw. 'boot/lisy1/roms'.

Details to be found in the User Documentation (German only at the moment).


Note: Due to Gottlieb Coyprigth these Roms are not included in the image!




Version - Date           - Remarks, changes

3.017     - 10.10.2016  - first release


4.002    - 02.07.2017  - support of LISY80 & LISY1, first version  Missionpinballframework

4.005    - 14.02.2018  - support PIC Version 4.x which includes using internal EEprom ( no longer need for 24C04 )

4.006    - 23.02.2018  - optional WLAN hotspot included for easy connection to LISY_control

4.007    - 25.05.2018  - mpf Version 0.50.9 & some sound improvements (see Manual )

4.008    - 13.08.2018  - mpf Version 0.50.12 & Fadecandy support


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