LISY80 in a Gottlieb System80 'Panthera'



The hardware consists of a seld designed pcb with standard components plus a Raspberry PI.



If you are interested in LISY80, I sell a 'LISY80 Base Set' at cost price for 30 Euro shipping in Germany included.

The 'Base Set' consists of the 'bare' pcb plus 3 programmed PICs.

You can reach me by e-mail 'bontango<at>', or via PM to 'bontango' at  Flippermarkt Forum


LISY80 Base Set


In addition to the base set you will need a Raspberry PI ( Zero, PI2, PI3 ) and some standard electronic components.

See documentation page for a full list and a shopping card.


complete LISY80 after soldering



As an option with LISY80 it is possible to use a soundcard (Justboom Sound in this case) and program your own sounds.

However: be aware that sound option is still in beta phase!



LISY80 with option sound

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