LISY1 Board Assembly HWv1.3
PDF-Dokument [4.7 MB]
LISY80 Board Assembly HW v3.31
PDF-Dokument [4.0 MB]
LISY user manual Software Version 4.08
LISY_user manual_v4.08.pdf
PDF-Dokument [2.1 MB]


Shopping card for LISY1 HW Version 1.3


Shopping card for LISY80 HW Version 3.31


Please note: The PCA9515 from the shopping card is no longer available at Reichelt. I'm working on a replacement based on the

available chip PCA9517 but with the current HW version you cannot use the PCA9517!

If you have trouble purchasing the 9515 let me know, I have some 'in stock'.


LISY80 HW 3.30 BOM for Digikey
Comma Separated Value-Datei [4.5 KB]
LISY80 HW 3.30 (Soundoption1 ) BOM for Digikey
Comma Separated Value-Datei [1.4 KB]
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