Control a Gottlieb System1 or System80 pinball machine

with LINUX & Pinmame


Important Notice!

By using LISY1 or LISY80 it is possible to damage your pinball machine. As this is a private project with NO commercial interest the author accept no liability for any damage that may arise by using LISY1 or LISY80.


Gottlieb System80 Devils Dare with System80 MPU                               with LISY80 ..                                                     LISY80 boot message

LISY uses a Raspberry PI Zero which is integrated in a self designed PCB, used softwarebasis ist Raspbian und PINMAME.

With LISY1 you can control ALL Gottlieb System1 System1 pinball machines by replacing the original MPU.

With LISY80 you can control ALL Gottlieb System80 System1 pinball machines by replacing the original MPU.




  • I sell the PCB with programmed PICs at my cost price. I'm not looking to earn money with LISY, it is a 100% hobby project. This makes the solution cheap, depending on where you buy your components it is possible to create your Gottlieb replacement MPU for less than 60 €.
    • Die modified pinmame code is under GNU Licence, you can download it for free.
    • List of (standard) components is documented.
  • As the solution is using pinmame gameplay is 100% compared to the original game
  • Optional you can use 'Freeplay'; 'Ballsave' is still 'work to do', if you are interested in that feature plsease send me a mail.
  • There is a Webinterface integrated ( 'LISYcontrol'). This means, by connecting LISY to you local LAN/WLAN it is possible to control each lamp and each solenoid via Webbrowser. Status of switches are shown on one page, and switch descriptions can be edited in a'csv' table.

What do you need?

  • Basic soldering skills (only one of the uintegrated circuits are in SMD size)
  • Possibility to read/write micro  SD cards
  • Wireless LAN oder LAN if you want to use LISYcontrol
  • A Gottlieb pinball Maschine System 1, System 80, 80A oder 80B Series.
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